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Automate Invoice Management

Budgeting and Variance Reporting

Real-Time Monitoring & Interval Data Analytics

Measure & Verify Energy Conservation Measures


Peak Load Management

Automated Reporting and Alerts

Using Energy Solutions 360, you will be able to generate invoice data, budgeting, and M&V reports at the account, property, region, or portfolio level to analyze granular data, as well as roll-up summary information. Time periods are flexible, with users controlling the desired time frame of the reports. Through intuitive filters, users can also choose what commodities to include in the reports, allowing for reporting in native units, as well as summary roll-up on a universal unit basis (such as kBtu). 

With over 30 standard reports in the platform, users can analyze consumption, demand, and cost trends, as well as weather impact, budget performance, facility comparisons, KPI reports, and more.  Reports natively integrate with Microsoft Excel, so exports from our platform maintain all formatting. There will be no hidden rows or columns, and data formatting remains intact, so it’s easy to copy and paste. Reports can also be exported to .csv and .pdf.

Additionally, users can be added to monthly distribution lists to automatically receive emails with system generated reports of your choice. For example, property managers in one location can receive “Cost and Consumption Trend” reports, while property managers in a different location receive “Utility Variance and Trend Analysis” reports. Reports are generated as soon as invoice data is acquired, audited, and approved.

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